Zip It Bedding

It seems that these days we are always looking for the next amazing product. For many it is electronics that will make their life easier. Some of us are looking for the new trendy fashion or beauty product. I won’t lie I am right along side everyone of you. Like many of the mommies out there I am looking for something that will save time and have a great purpose. I am always in a rush to find precious time for my family. So, what if I told you there is a product that will save you some time with your routine, provide you with some more mommy time, and for those of you that have children with special needs it may also provide some additional benefits.

I am not crazy or rambling here. Maybe you have heard of it but maybe not. I’m talking about Zip It bedding. I happened across an add for Zip It bedding and immediately thought it was one of those very cool things that I wished I had. In addition, I also saw benefits for the kids with autism that I am working with professionally. I emailed Zip It bedding because I wanted to let them know that I thought they should share their product with the autism community. They responded with an awesome offer to allow me to test out their product and let you all know what I think about it.

If you have never heard of Zip It bedding I recommend you take a minute to look it up. It is this great idea developed by moms who wanted more time and easier bed making time. They came up with this great idea to add zippers to the side of the sheet set and the comforter combining the two creating a mix between bedding and a sleeping bag. Why would they want to do this? To save time in the making and washing of bedding of course. It is easy for your kiddo to make their bed by just zipping up the bedding. No more fights over unmade beds. Even better… to wash it you just pull the bedding off while zipped up comforter and all and throw it in the washer. Next after drying you just put it back on like a sheet and thats it… a beautifully made bed in seconds.

When the box came in the mail I was amazed at how light the box was. I chose the boy color for my bedding to review since I have boys. The color was bright and playful and my boys came running to see what I had. My first test was to wash the bedding and see how it held up to my washing machine. I know a lot of people ask you to not wash things in your washer that are that large however as a mom I don’t have time or money to dry clean or outsource the washing of our bedding. So, without hesitation I threw the bedding into my washer and then my dryer and it survived without any trouble. It was amazing. No strange wet spots in the middle that didn’t dry. Just like anything else I might wash it was ready to go on the bed.

My boys have bunk beds so I was really excited to see how the making of beds would go. I have to be honest I am tired of bumping my head and getting a work out putting the sheets and bedding onto their bed. So this time it was one trip around the corners to make the bed and it was done. I can’t even begin to express how excited I was that I did not hit my head on the top bunk this round of washing. As a mom I was super impressed with the bedding but the true test comes when the kids jump into the mix. Right away both kids were incredibly excited that they had their own zipper pockets on the side to store things in.

The boys immediately jumped in to try things out. They love the zippers and the comfort of the bedding. My oldest son who is 8 likes that making the bed is so much easier for him to do. Also, since he is getting older he can tuck himself in instead of having mom do it. What he doesn’t know is that I come in later and tuck him in anyway. My three year old loves how snuggly the bed is and I love that I can zip him in the bedding and not worry about him falling out of bed. No more bumps in the night for him. This is where my thinking starts to switch to the potential benefits for kids with autism.

As a professional working in the field I know that sleeping is a huge issue for kiddos on the spectrum. I can’t tell you how many times we have talked about weighted blankets and things that will give a hug to help with sleep. We have talked about the sleep walkers who once they are asleep wander the halls. Also the kiddos who are still potty training and having frequent accidents. So, here we have a product that will have you time to wash when there are accidents (a life saving item I might say from my personal and current night potty training experiences). A product that can provide you a little security that your kiddo is tucked in and safe when they go to sleep. Also, a little bit of a hug since they are zipped into bed. I’m not sure how many kids there are that like to go under a blanket for a safe place either to get away from life stresses or to just feel warm and go to sleep. I’m not saying that Zip It will change your life but I’m thinking it might lend a little hand just when you need it.

Whatever your child’s need is; I can’t help but find benefits to this item. The truth is… as usual for me… why didn’t I think of this. Ugh. But I’m glad that it is something that other mommies thought up and are now sharing with us. I definitely recommend Zip It bedding for your kiddos. For the future I hope that they are able to get some fun licensed prints for those of us that like to play with our kiddos rooms by decorating them with their favorite character. To learn more and to see videos on how Zip It Bedding works visit


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